My Solar Return: August 29th 2018

I finally finished paying off these photos from Celebrate Your Sexy. The photographer is Brandy Lopez. I have included her IG for models who may want to shoot with her. She doesn’t charge that much, the company is the one who fucked me. HA! And as much as I love them, I love them so much, I will never ever pay 1.6k for a photo shoot again. I just didn’t want to not have my photos so I got most of my photos and these two edited prints. I love them, but they were so expensive! These arrived on my birthday and honestly, it was the best birthday gift.

On my birthday, I called my sub, Butters, which a few of you have seen in my clips to take me to dinner, buy me lunch and be my bitch. It was really a good time. I got so drunk off this German beer, I have no fucking idea what the name of it is, but it was 8.7% and I have at least 4 of them! Fucking right, I did 26 the right way. Yes, I am 26, not 21. I know I advertise as 21, but now that I am at my age, I think I will just continue to let pervs think I’m 21 forever. Fuck them. HA!

My birthday was great. I feel like I have come a long way from when I first started this business at 23. I had no idea where I would be. Of course, the first few years I am paying off debts, but I still would not want to have any other work to do. The week before my birthday was extremely emotional. I lost friendships in July, a relationship the following month. It was so hard the week before my solar return. However, the light came through to shine on me. It was like I came out of a storm into a grassy field where I finally started to see my flowers bloom.

Summer time is always a slow time for models, but I got through it. It was frustrating but knowing that I have true supporters in my life made it better. I submitted the rest of the photos to a magazine, so if they love my photos I’ll be published very soon. On Sunday I have my first foot party with Tipsytoesatlanta. I will be finally getting out of the house! Lord, being in this industry is very isolating so it would be so great to get out and meet new girls.

If you’re in the ATL area and love my toes, you can be my foot bitch. HA! Links are included to the information you need: here.

Playing You Like A PS4



When you first came to me seeking financial domination I warned you that I would not go easy on you. I told you I would use you like a puppet, a pawn, a mere tool. Do you dare deceive yourself to think that I would actually allow you to ever be anything to me but a tool. You are here to help build my empire. I do not think I have been clear before, but I am sure that in this video, you will indeed understand that this is your true purpose.
I don’t want a relationship with you. I want you to be a drone. I want you to be a financial tool. I am going to program you into my ass wallet, my toilet bitch ATM, my lonely paying bitch. I demand constant sacrifice. I am incomphrehensibly selfish. If I could care about you, I’d put a price on it and make you pay it.
Every sacrifice you give me must be shiny, must be strictly financial. That is your worship. Fresh poison delivered to your bloodstream every weekend. You don’t deserve to be pimped out this well but you are so willing. Such a devoted victim.


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Shit 4 Sale

OnĀ 09/16/2015, I got a request from a Clip4sale user to my email. It was an unusual request. I was going through a period of trying new fetishes and humiliation was my spot on favorite. [as it still is.]
I got a message from Dave (names have been changed to protect the shit eaters).
Dave: “Hey Lahari, are you open to recording an EFRO (pooping) video? Understandable if it’s not something you’re comfortable doing, just thought I’d ask.”
I had been making a lot of toilet slavery clips at the time and have caught a biter! I have been wanting to have the experience of sending someone my shit. Honestly, it was just for future stories like this one. Some shit I could maybe blog about, like how I sold my poop to a rando who loved my fetish clips. Kind of means you’re doing a service to the world in a way.
Cunty Response: “Ok, for clips Like that it’s extra. How long would you like the video? Any specifics?”
Dave: “Ok great. No specifics for now, I’m interested to see what you come up with. Video only has to be as long as it takes to do so I don’t mind if it’s short but if the time minimum is in play you could pad it out with some playful ass shaking/spreading before and/or after to reach that.”
Oh it was on and pooping now! I had creative control! I was going to make this one my poop debut to the poop people. Lol. I didn’t even feel ashamed not one time for taking this offer. Nor did I feel dirty. I felt: “Damn, what the fuck? Why haven’t I been selling my shit before? WTF!!!!”
I was excited about my first video poop sale. LOL. I even made an upsale offer to add in the panties with the stains from the video. It was very exciting to know that all my life I had been flushing money down the drain and now I am getting paid to sell shit videos to strangers!
Life was good. I made the 5 minute video and shit in a cone for Dave. It was a really hard poop, to be honest, I wish it was a more solid turd, it would have looked better for cam. LOL. Nonetheless, Dave really loved the video.
He said, “do you have an amazon wishlist?”. He sent this the next day after receiving the video. I then felt better about the turd. I sent him my wishlist and he ordered my vanity and a pair of white rain boots. I received it in the next two days. But Dave…Dave needed more.
Dave: “One question though. I know you mentioned panties before but as extra for a new custom video request would you actually be up for shipping what comes out of you?”
Me: “Like my shit or panties with my shit in them?”
Dave: “Like if you go all the way kinky with it and I order these for you to fill one or more up and then ship to me.”
I had hooked Dave in the spiral of my poop. One thing I have learned in this experience is that shit eaters are serious about their shit. I of course sent my poop to him in the air tight bags. It was sent overnight.
I asked him a few days after he received it what he did with the shit and he admited that he tasted it and he jerked off with it. LOL. OMFG. I was in knots in my stomach. It was great! He was a good guy, even though he ate shit.
Now that this is on the internetz,I cannot take it back. This is what I have become. LOL.