Month: September 2018

Cucking You

This weekend I wanted to degrade you in the worse possible way. You’re not a match for my new black boyfriend and his satisfying dick. It’s the best dick that I ever have had. I mean, you with your unimpressive penis should know how uneventful it is. I don’t even go near it. It’s unfair for me to have all… Read more →

The Perfect Bitch

Knowing how to be the perfect bitch is the initial steps to becoming the perfect bitch. This is obvious. To be a perfect bitch, is to first be a good listener. If you fail to listen and comprehend, you will never be a perfect bitch. You will never ever become my bitch. As you know, comprehension and communication skills are… Read more →

My First Foot Party

This Sunday was my very first foot party ever! I had so much fun. It was actually very fun. I met so many beautiful Foot Dommes. I met so many beautiful women. It was very worth it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. As long as I have been in the fetish world, I had no idea this was… Read more →

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