Cucking You

This weekend I wanted to degrade you in the worse possible way. You’re not a match for my new black boyfriend and his satisfying dick. It’s the best dick that I ever have had. I mean, you with your unimpressive penis should know how uneventful it is. I don’t even go near it.

It’s unfair for me to have all the fun and you to just be a sexless loser. This week I allow you to watch and to hear all about my dirty fun sex with your best friend and my new boyfriend. Of course, both of them are more satisfying than you loser. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better you. Having you here to finance all of my needs while they take care of me sexually is a win-win for the both of us!

Take a look at the clips that I have in store:

After Work Treat

While you spend all day in a fucking job you hate, I am at your house eating all of your food, spending your money, running up your cable bill, and I’m still fucking bored with you. You’re fucking boring. I have a remedy, I set a dick appointment. He is going to be on his way to fuck me soon. You’re allowed to watch, but first, a little treat for you: licking my feet. It’s all you’ve earned this week stupid bitch


Friend-Zoned: I Let Your Friend Fuck Me

I totally let your best friend fuck me in the back seat of his car lol. You’ve been chasing me around all stupidly and shit. Being fucking annoying and shit. Like bitch, the desperation you give off was a total turn off for me. Lol. So what if you give me money when I ask? It doesn’t matter how many “dates” we have been on bitch, I like free food and gifts. But him, I have been wanting to fuck him for months. Do you know how much better looking he is than you? And since I know you’re just a pathetic little wimp I’m going to describe every detail of the fucking and then you’re going to give me more money and lick my asshole and then go home. Lol never getting this pussy bitch, are you kidding? You can’t be serious!!! Are you?


Come close. A little closer. Now put your face super close to my pussy. Do you smell that bitch boy? It smells like his black dick white bitch. Lol ha! Bet you’re so pathetic and desperate that you’ll even try to lick it out. But no, I rather keep it deep inside of my pussy. I want his babies. As you know, black chi-ldren are superior to any chi-ld your balls could produce. Ha! This is why you’re a bitch and he is THE FUCKING MAN. You don’t stand a chance bitch. But hey, at least you get to tell your friends I am your girlfriend.


The Perfect Bitch

Knowing how to be the perfect bitch is the initial steps to becoming the perfect bitch. This is obvious. To be a perfect bitch, is to first be a good listener. If you fail to listen and comprehend, you will never be a perfect bitch. You will never ever become my bitch. As you know, comprehension and communication skills are top priority. If one cannot listen to the most simple requests that I have for it, then why should I entertain a bitch like you? You will be a headache, a pain in my ass. I do not like pains in my ass.

The next thing, is doing what I say. This is what is required. If I say send me money, shut the fuck up and send what you have. If I say run errands, you make that happen. I do not want to hear about how you cannot do it. How it is not possible. I only want to hear that it has gotten done. I will drop any bitch that tells me no. Saying no shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary.

The last thing, not being a poor, indigent bitch. GOD! I truly hate poor cock jerkers. I am not interested in even talking to those losers. Gross.

My First Foot Party

This Sunday was my very first foot party ever! I had so much fun. It was actually very fun. I met so many beautiful Foot Dommes. I met so many beautiful women. It was very worth it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. As long as I have been in the fetish world, I had no idea this was so popular. I guess I should have known. It only makes me want to delve into more niches. I just feel so exhilarated right now, typing this.

The feminine energy I was around today. It was an amazing thing. Of course, I have a few foot fetish clips, but now I am more motivated to do more. I am just realizing how I may have been neglecting something so important: niches. Niches are so creative. I am so grateful. So, next month, I will be attending the next Tipsy Toes Atlanta event on October 7th, 2018. I hope to see some foot boys there. Wow.

I love my life.

My Solar Return: August 29th 2018

I finally finished paying off these photos from Celebrate Your Sexy. The photographer is Brandy Lopez. I have included her IG for models who may want to shoot with her. She doesn’t charge that much, the company is the one who fucked me. HA! And as much as I love them, I love them so much, I will never ever pay 1.6k for a photo shoot again. I just didn’t want to not have my photos so I got most of my photos and these two edited prints. I love them, but they were so expensive! These arrived on my birthday and honestly, it was the best birthday gift.

On my birthday, I called my sub, Butters, which a few of you have seen in my clips to take me to dinner, buy me lunch and be my bitch. It was really a good time. I got so drunk off this German beer, I have no fucking idea what the name of it is, but it was 8.7% and I have at least 4 of them! Fucking right, I did 26 the right way. Yes, I am 26, not 21. I know I advertise as 21, but now that I am at my age, I think I will just continue to let pervs think I’m 21 forever. Fuck them. HA!

My birthday was great. I feel like I have come a long way from when I first started this business at 23. I had no idea where I would be. Of course, the first few years I am paying off debts, but I still would not want to have any other work to do. The week before my birthday was extremely emotional. I lost friendships in July, a relationship the following month. It was so hard the week before my solar return. However, the light came through to shine on me. It was like I came out of a storm into a grassy field where I finally started to see my flowers bloom.

Summer time is always a slow time for models, but I got through it. It was frustrating but knowing that I have true supporters in my life made it better. I submitted the rest of the photos to a magazine, so if they love my photos I’ll be published very soon. On Sunday I have my first foot party with Tipsytoesatlanta. I will be finally getting out of the house! Lord, being in this industry is very isolating so it would be so great to get out and meet new girls.

If you’re in the ATL area and love my toes, you can be my foot bitch. HA! Links are included to the information you need: here.

My Pleasure, Not His Pleasure

“My Pleasure Is All That Matters HERE.”

-Queen Black Mamba, Goddess Aspen Aires


I enjoy being admired, doted on, received, and appreciated. Pleasing Me is very simple and it requires very little effort on your part because you’ll want to do this. You are in fact begging to do this one thing: give Me pleasure. Isn’t that what you say to Me often in that pathetic, weak voice: “i want to please You Goddess Aspen.The ultimate form of submission is giving pleasure to the receiver of the submitter’s presence.  It is not about the submissive earning anything nor receiving anything in exchange for that honor to submit. The submitter wants to give the receiver, the dominant, pleasure. That is  my definition of submission.

The idea of provoking Me into giving you punishment for your pleasure is pathetically deplorable at most. Forced submission, which many of you would like Me to do perform in your way, gets quite old.  It is only proves that you should be ignored. It shows you are not a true submissive in my eyes. I therefore, cannot mold you into My Image. I, after making My rules crystal clear to you, should never have to punish. Simply because it does bring Me pleasure to do so. In fact, the only punishment for this lack of care for My pleasure is cutting you off from My source energy.

Being My submissive means that you are to focus only on deeds that you know will please Me. As you place yourself into true submission, finding things that earn My pleasure are not hard to find are there? For example, you would ask yourself: “What would please Goddess Aspen?” This would then lead to thoughts that truly pleasure a woman like I.  The only conclusion from here is that you must earn this opportunity to give Me Pleasure. My attention  to you becomes more tolerable when you have earned the pleasure of serving Me.

My pleasure is all that matters in this transaction. I am selfish, greedy, mean, sarcastic, intelligent, penetrating, and, most of all: smarter than you. I am designed to be pleased. your only sake for attention lies in how best you can please me.  If you must ask, then ask. If you cannot fulfil, you have the options of coming back when you can or finding another to accommodate you.  Female domination/ FLR is not about your one dimensional ideas of pleasure that are cock focused.

Isn’t it annoying, always wondering: “What will i get?” It is even more annoying to approached in that energy from a human male who is cock focused. Being focused on your pleasures only gets you so far in life. Learning how to focus on pleasuring the dominant will grant you more gratification and bliss. The kind of contentment and revelry that can only be experienced when serving a Dominant Woman. A woman who is in control of Her pleasure will seek to guide you to complete understanding of your own.

The option is always yours. you can choose to be a loser in bed as you have always been. A floor humper, a mere boot licker, a hypno-bitch. However, if those sexual perversions are always only in the name of your jerk off, spank bank theater behind your brain, how happy could you really be? I mean, does licking My boots or giving me money, eating your cum, sucking black cock really matter to you, if I am not finding pleasure in it? Seriously, ask yourself this question. If I am not finding pleasure in your acts of submission, how good could the experience be for you?

you’d simply just be confirming that you are a just loser who needs to jerk off. it cannot think of anything other than blowing it’s load. A pathetic male human, emptying it’s dick. And if I view you this way, I cannot accept you ever. It doesn’t bring Me pleasure to associate with those types.  Focus only on My pleasure to earn your own pleasure. It’s very, very simple. Never think eating your cum, playing with your ass, or sucking cock is pleasurable to Me just because you’re a loser who likes doing weird shit.  As we have already discussed to pleasure a Woman like me you must: earn it.

My tolerance of you comes  only when you earn it. It shows you are focused on pleasuring Me. you’re Focused on earning My time and attention. All other things should be set aside. Never expect me to entertain your cock fantasies. I do them out of My own pleasure, on My own time. you have to focus on earning my time. There is no shortage of losers just like you, who always want my time & attention. I could always delete you at anytime if you do not want to give Me absolute pleasure.


The Entitled Types: The Most Desperate/Pathetic Human Males I Know


These examples show you what not to do in my chatroom. How to never approach me ever, ever in life. I will outline this for you very carefully, so that you can fully grasp the context of how serious I am about not even deeming these types of men worthy of my attention.

This behavior is desperate and embarrassing. Always remember that I am a female dominant. I do not exist to pleasure you. Yet, you exist to pleasure me and entertain me. Now, as you see Jimier, was our first entitled cunt.
I never care about your dick. So, why mention it? I only care about how you are going become my toy to please me. Mentioning your dick or it’s size does nothing to move me. It only shows that you are entitled, selfish, and more than likely a liar. I remind him simply, that his dick will never be a pleasure to look at. Does he think he dick is more appealing to look at than me? Another irritation of mine is these losers are always focused on the wrong thing: their dicks and not focusing on me. They believe their dick size makes then special and that because of that I take them down a size. Reminding them their dicks are never special.

Of course his male ego cannot take this, he exits. This is male entitlement and male bitterness at its finest. This is male pathetic-ness. It does nothing for me, it only makes me want to block you from my presence.

Moving on to dfadams, this special kind of entitlement is a man who thinks because I am Femdom that I enjoy his faggot fantasies. Notice he did not even, come in my room with a hello. When I told him to properly greet me with a hello he replied with a pathetic “humiliate me”.  Why should I, as great and unattainable to the common slave, entertain a loser who cannot properly greet me? However, losers will pay me for mistakes either way. If they cannot follow suit I am paid either way. If they do not follow my rules, I simply block, they do not stay long in my presence either way.

The interesting thing about ALL of these losers was that they did not follow my very simple rule: “Talk to me before going private. Read my profile.” This lack of initiative is unappealing and collecting money from such losers is less satisfying than collecting money from losers who listen.

Completely disregarding nor taking the initiative to read a profile that any Goddess has available for your consumption, to help you interact respectfully, shows entitlement. When truly, you are the one pathetically looking for attention from a woman who would never, otherwise pay attention to you. Do these three examples of disgust, really believe attractive women are running around looking to see their inadequate penises or shove docks down their throats?

If it were so, why would they be here looking to pay for attention? Such are men are delusional in real and fantasy life. They exhibit these same qualities in public and private: a disdain for following rules because they feel their needs should be given a fuck about by those who they are also seeking/paying to get attention from. Do you see the conundrum? The irony and foolishness? Lol yes, you do. Lol.

In fact, my new rule is to simple kick anyone who goes to private without speaking to me, first.  Simply, because it has been written in my profile/topic for those who take initiative. The incompetent, entitled bitch has already proven he is incompetent of giving me money and enriching my life. He is not worthy of it. I will block these guys without remorse. I do not need to collect their resources. Their resources are grief-worthy as these types only care to serve their own fetishes.

They should really go to a dungeon and rent-a-domme. That would be more pleasing for these types. There is a solution for whores like this who do not seek to really be submissive & respectful of my wishes. Ha! However, my attention is for good boys who follow rules. Only boys who follow rules are worthy to transfer their wealth to me.  I am in no rush to acquire the wealth from losers who will not do it on my terms. Never think your cash is king. Let go of any entitlement you think you deserve to have. Those desires get you no where in my chat room.

Never For You

You know what? God created me to maintain the natural order of this planet. If it was meant to be you, you would have the power to create & destroy. However, you only have the power to wank off. It’s pathetic, it’s common. You’re predictable and unless you plan on fucking men & being a faggot for the rest of your life, you will always be my little fucking toy

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Does It Feel Good To Be A Closet Faggot?

How are You?  i hope You are well.  i was wondering if you are available to speak…im an easy for big black dick real time.  i pay to suck big black dick…..i love to be degraded and humilated. i believe black men are superior to white.

-A white pathetic cock sucker

The Cure: Fall In Love With Me

It’s no secret, you’re lonely. The clips I make clips specialize in helping you cure this deep anxiety of emptiness you feel and face inside regularly. I’m so generous that I take pity upon men like you and I transform them into paradises.

You constantly search for completion by what the world says makes you complete. You hit all of your goals in your professional life. You even have successful friendships with other men. You make even fool people with your happiness. However, in your late night life,  when it’s just you and your keyboard, you’re just a lonely little loser. You deeply wish to have a connection with a woman, but you lack confidence, self-worth. And it is okay. I have come to heal you. I have come to give you a solution.

Men have always been aware of their deficiencies but they have convinced themselves they were “stronger” than their dark desires. Men are starting to become aware that their existence is useless  in comparison to that of women. In fact, many of them are just plain tired of resisting the truth they already have known: men are disposable. However, there is a way to make men useful. There is away to validate his existence: proper guidance from a Mistress/Goddess/Queen.

Men cannot become whole unless they are guided by a woman. By way of a woman men are born, by way of a woman he shall be reborn again. Yet, you know this. Your problem seems to be that you cannot sustain a relationship with a woman long enough. You cannot get to first, second, nor third base because you’re shy, timid, vulnerable, weak, and you’re a social piranha, or worse a virgin.  Either way your loneliness is consuming and you wish to fully devote yourself to someone who cares, but is cruel, who reminds you of who you truly are: a weak human male needing guidance toward enlightenment by way of Goddess.

I am the cure. Falling in love with me is the solution. Admiring, admonishing, desiring, pleasuring, devoting yourself fully to an entity greater than yourself is what you need. Learning to become selfless and looking outward to a greater future, which is me. Devoting your purpose to a Goddess of such high caliber, design, wit, and skill is the best option you have.

Let’s face it, women dread knowing the truth about men. They want to believe in Hollywood romances. However, we both know the trash of men is not too far from the glitter those films portray your species to be. Men are a lot of work. The average woman cannot handle your fallacies with grace as I. For I know who you truly are. You’re a lonely cum eater, a lonely piss drinker, a lonely wanker, a lonely cuck. You’re all the things you try to hide from normal women.

Wouldn’t it be great to fall in love with me and not have to hide anymore?