Only Fans Subscriptions

I am so generous to my little bitches. I have given you an opportunity to join a fan club of mine. It’s on the OnlyFans platform. Onlyfans is like Instagram, only I get to post porn, hot sexy videos, nude file sets, and more that I cannot post and will not post anywhere else on the web or twitter.

Exclusivity is hot and you die to become an exclusive bitch. To be so intimately involved in my life. I am going to make sure that my truly devoted bitches have the best of the best. I will be posting OF exclusives for my little bitches and also some of my full-length clips that are already available on IWC or C4S.

Of course, since I am so generous I am giving an options to you whores. My OF subscription is a lovely $49.99. Naturally, I expect only the devoted to be apart of my Little Bitch Fan Club. I am using this option as an alternative to my membership site. My membership site is $99.99 per month. It includes ALL of my content. I am constantly uploading clips to that site. I have not even gotten all of my Lahari Abani Clips nor previous Queen Black Mamba/ Aspen Aires favorites on there yet.

The membership site is for the truly obsessed. Those who want enjoy having 1-on-1 cam shows with me, being apart of a super exclusive group, that receives super exclusive attention from me. Most of you aren’t ready for that kind of control, yet. So let’s start small Little Bitch recruits. Join my OnlyFans here. You’ll be 10x’s happier with you’re pathetically, uneventful life!


Mhmmm Never Will Love You,


Aspen Aires, The Black Mamba Queen




P.S: Now, you bitches do know that I have another clip store, I expect you bitches get on over there and admire the beginning stages of this fucked up journey that some of you just got on. Click this link to get there, little bitches. Stay on task. You know you are eager to please me and prove your worth, so do it. Blow up those clip stores and join the Little Bitch Fan Club on OF.

Playing You Like A PS4



When you first came to me seeking financial domination I warned you that I would not go easy on you. I told you I would use you like a puppet, a pawn, a mere tool. Do you dare deceive yourself to think that I would actually allow you to ever be anything to me but a tool. You are here to help build my empire. I do not think I have been clear before, but I am sure that in this video, you will indeed understand that this is your true purpose.
I don’t want a relationship with you. I want you to be a drone. I want you to be a financial tool. I am going to program you into my ass wallet, my toilet bitch ATM, my lonely paying bitch. I demand constant sacrifice. I am incomphrehensibly selfish. If I could care about you, I’d put a price on it and make you pay it.
Every sacrifice you give me must be shiny, must be strictly financial. That is your worship. Fresh poison delivered to your bloodstream every weekend. You don’t deserve to be pimped out this well but you are so willing. Such a devoted victim.


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You Are An Inanimate Object To Me

I have come to the serious examination that the men who buy my clips are not mere men. They are losers. They are toilet paper. They are boot lickers. They exist to pay me. Why else would they be here? Why else would they come to such a site? To observe such a magnificent, controlling creature like myself.

As they are aware of: they are not confident enough to be a real man. Do you think men who fuck women, who actually have engaging relationships with women–are actually on this site eating their cum for random women?

You’re meant to be used. You’re a toy, an inanimate object. Sick freak. I see you and exploit your weakness. Then I mold you into my money making bitch.

You know you’re paid if Aspen fucks with you.

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Thong Daddy

Thong daddies love seeing thongs in my ass. They love keeping thongs deep in my ass. Thong daddies are so close to be my ass bitch they aren’t even aware of it. I have been programming Thong Daddies into buying me white cloth panties to destroy them in. Send gift cards for more thongs:

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30 Days Of Sperm Collection

I have a task for you. You know how much you enjoy being a martyr for my sick ideas. Well, here is something I will enjoy and something you will me chewing up: your cum. Do you see this jar? Yes, this jar has to be filled up with your little cum kisses by April 13, 2018. You’re saving you’re cum up to eat it. All 30 loads will be swallowed by you. It’s my little experiment. I want to see how much cum you can guzzle before you are officially a whore.

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My Sub Boyfriend Rules

Here are some rules for those who want to be my submissive boyfriend. Of course, you’ll never be allowed to have vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse with me but as your Dommy GF, those things are not expected are they.

To Be My Sub Boyfriend:

  1. Has watched most of my female domination clips and understand my domination style and has even went as far back to compliment on the evolution of my character from Lahari Abani to The Queen Black Mamba, Goddess Aspen Aires.
  2. Compliments in cash. He knows that his words mean shit to me and knows how irritated I am by them. He doesn’t even speak to me. He just sends cash.
  3. Silent, I don’t even know you exist in real-life but you make your presence know through constant financial support, compliments in cash, and praise!
  4. He never makes his presence a burden on me. He allows me to train him as I please.
  5. He is financial independent and ew, not a loser who can’t even afford to donate $100 to his favorite charity. That’s just gross.
  6. I don’t know he is my boyfriend, he just buys me shit, doesn’t approach, and then goes about his way until I make contact. He knows he is not entitles to my time.
  7. Has a high pain tolerance or at least open to taking pain for me
  8. I will never peg him. I hate strap-on, find another way to ease your faggot-like tendencies.

Wednesday Thoughts

It is a grievance to expect man to do what he should be doing. He has too many options and choices to choose from. It is easy to deviate from his natural compass. Human males, should keep their purpose in their head’s and heart’s. You are not a submissive if you have blocks about submission. True submissives are laying their dominance to their side for the exchange of power. I have little interest in training human males, personally unless they can provide proper service. If you cannot provide proper, full service to me, I start to question who you are, as at that point you also do not know.

I am so interested in training any slaves for free. Even if this was not my job and it was my lifestyle I cannot bring myself to be around so many, unattractive specimens of men for free. In fact, most of you because of societal program believe you have a fair shot. Humble yourself, bitch. I will never do anything for you without compensation. You may call it financial domination if you want but don’t be so delusional that you believe that a woman like me would entertain you without compensation. If we were in the street together, no one would believe that I chose you, so be realistic about yourself.

None of you are my type. Most of you are caucasians which prohibit me from ever being attracted to you because of your race’s poor track record on this planet. Be real, know why you’re here, and be on purpose.  Do not think that you can access me so easily. Follow the OPS System, buy clips, read my blog, and familiarize yourself because I am skillful at ignoring you.

Shit 4 Sale

On 09/16/2015, I got a request from a Clip4sale user to my email. It was an unusual request. I was going through a period of trying new fetishes and humiliation was my spot on favorite. [as it still is.]
I got a message from Dave (names have been changed to protect the shit eaters).
Dave: “Hey Lahari, are you open to recording an EFRO (pooping) video? Understandable if it’s not something you’re comfortable doing, just thought I’d ask.”
I had been making a lot of toilet slavery clips at the time and have caught a biter! I have been wanting to have the experience of sending someone my shit. Honestly, it was just for future stories like this one. Some shit I could maybe blog about, like how I sold my poop to a rando who loved my fetish clips. Kind of means you’re doing a service to the world in a way.
Cunty Response: “Ok, for clips Like that it’s extra. How long would you like the video? Any specifics?”
Dave: “Ok great. No specifics for now, I’m interested to see what you come up with. Video only has to be as long as it takes to do so I don’t mind if it’s short but if the time minimum is in play you could pad it out with some playful ass shaking/spreading before and/or after to reach that.”
Oh it was on and pooping now! I had creative control! I was going to make this one my poop debut to the poop people. Lol. I didn’t even feel ashamed not one time for taking this offer. Nor did I feel dirty. I felt: “Damn, what the fuck? Why haven’t I been selling my shit before? WTF!!!!”
I was excited about my first video poop sale. LOL. I even made an upsale offer to add in the panties with the stains from the video. It was very exciting to know that all my life I had been flushing money down the drain and now I am getting paid to sell shit videos to strangers!
Life was good. I made the 5 minute video and shit in a cone for Dave. It was a really hard poop, to be honest, I wish it was a more solid turd, it would have looked better for cam. LOL. Nonetheless, Dave really loved the video.
He said, “do you have an amazon wishlist?”. He sent this the next day after receiving the video. I then felt better about the turd. I sent him my wishlist and he ordered my vanity and a pair of white rain boots. I received it in the next two days. But Dave…Dave needed more.
Dave: “One question though. I know you mentioned panties before but as extra for a new custom video request would you actually be up for shipping what comes out of you?”
Me: “Like my shit or panties with my shit in them?”
Dave: “Like if you go all the way kinky with it and I order these for you to fill one or more up and then ship to me.”
I had hooked Dave in the spiral of my poop. One thing I have learned in this experience is that shit eaters are serious about their shit. I of course sent my poop to him in the air tight bags. It was sent overnight.
I asked him a few days after he received it what he did with the shit and he admited that he tasted it and he jerked off with it. LOL. OMFG. I was in knots in my stomach. It was great! He was a good guy, even though he ate shit.
Now that this is on the internetz,I cannot take it back. This is what I have become. LOL.

Why you Shouldn’t Masturbate Without The Guidance Of A Mistress

Masturbation should be used for a purpose. Most men are constantly jerking off finding no relief in sight for their jerking habits. After a few rounds of hand pumping, after the human male has released in his hand, he starts to feel shame, loneliness. 

The reason why the human male may feel those feelings is because he is masturbating without a purpose. He is only jerking off to feed his emptiness inside. His hollow shell that can only be filled by a Mistress.

There are many benefits of guided masturbation. However, in my short clip I want to demonstrate what happens to a submissive that is owned by me that cannot keep his hands off his cock and need rehabiliation from his cock’s constant nuisances.

All of my slaves are required to go through a mandatory 30 day chastity period unless they are restricted from doing so because of a medical issue or marriage. Girlfriends are not an exception. However, for men no longer fucking their wives, you are required to be chaste. It will help you become a better man.

If I find that you have jerked it when I do my monthly ball check, to see if they are full or have been emptied, you will know what happens next.
Video Coming Soon!!! Follow me on Twitter @Hailblackmamba to see my updates!

Long Distance Chastity Training

We have already spoken previously about masturbation being performed without the guidance of a Mistress, however, I don’t trust your little hands not to wrap around your pole. You are way too used to touching that little thing. It’s almost like breathing for you now. How could I possibly think that you’d be able to control yourself without me there to control your every move?

Since, I do not think you are up for the task. I have set some parameters to keep you from wanking off so much: Long distance chastity training. That is right. You will buy yourself a chastity device and mail me the keys. 30 days of not being able to touch yourself, I know, seems like a lot, but you really need this. You’re pathetic as you are now, untrained and wanker like. With training, you will be better.

Tribute $300 to start your long distance training. This will allow me to help you with your wanking problem. A problem you know stops you from serving a Mistress properly.

Watch the 1st Installment Here.