Tribute Management For Submissives On A Budget

Of course, I know it pains you to¬† incapable to keep up financially with the attention you crave to receive from me. Not being able to get my attention by the pathetic salvation of your dick driven compliments. I know, I know. It would pain me if I couldn’t afford the things I seek. Which is why I ignore you, unless you pay or I wouldn’t be able to afford the things I seek. That’s comprehensible. That’s the rules.

I am so generous, that I am offering a solution to your problem. 5.00 a day tribute to one of my platforms of your choice. By tributing $5.00 per day, you will always be in the front of my mind. Simply because, I will always be getting notifications with your screen name. I will be bound to remember you. See? You have earned a small corner in my brain space. Granted, it doesn’t call for interaction with me because you this small dedication, but, you get to be seen by me. You get to be acknowledged.
Silently acknowledge.

Isn’t that what you desire? You desire my attention. This is the perfect way to get it. You could have more, but you are an underachiever. You cannot afford to have a Skype show with me, a session with me, a text conversation with me, a phone call with me, a panty from me, anything from me honestly. Yet, with this small tribute I will silently acknowledge you. If you choose to set higher financial goals for yourself and become a real man then you will set higher goals for gaining my attention. See? Earning things feels good doesn’t it?

Of course, $5.00 is not anything to be thrilled about in my position, but a daily $5.00 is consistent. It shows dedication. It lays the groundwork for becoming a better human male. Why would you settle for only $5.00 of my attention? Don’t you think you deserve more than $5.00 of attention from me? You should think of this as an investment in yourself.


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