The Perfect Bitch

Knowing how to be the perfect bitch is the initial steps to becoming the perfect bitch. This is obvious. To be a perfect bitch, is to first be a good listener. If you fail to listen and comprehend, you will never be a perfect bitch. You will never ever become my bitch. As you know, comprehension and communication skills are top priority. If one cannot listen to the most simple requests that I have for it, then why should I entertain a bitch like you? You will be a headache, a pain in my ass. I do not like pains in my ass.

The next thing, is doing what I say. This is what is required. If I say send me money, shut the fuck up and send what you have. If I say run errands, you make that happen. I do not want to hear about how you cannot do it. How it is not possible. I only want to hear that it has gotten done. I will drop any bitch that tells me no. Saying no shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary.

The last thing, not being a poor, indigent bitch. GOD! I truly hate poor cock jerkers. I am not interested in even talking to those losers. Gross.

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