My Pleasure, Not His Pleasure

“My Pleasure Is All That Matters HERE.”

-Queen Black Mamba, Goddess Aspen Aires


I enjoy being admired, doted on, received, and appreciated. Pleasing Me is very simple and it requires very little effort on your part because you’ll want to do this. You are in fact begging to do this one thing: give Me pleasure. Isn’t that what you say to Me often in that pathetic, weak voice: “i want to please You Goddess Aspen.The ultimate form of submission is giving pleasure to the receiver of the submitter’s presence.  It is not about the submissive earning anything nor receiving anything in exchange for that honor to submit. The submitter wants to give the receiver, the dominant, pleasure. That is  my definition of submission.

The idea of provoking Me into giving you punishment for your pleasure is pathetically deplorable at most. Forced submission, which many of you would like Me to do perform in your way, gets quite old.  It is only proves that you should be ignored. It shows you are not a true submissive in my eyes. I therefore, cannot mold you into My Image. I, after making My rules crystal clear to you, should never have to punish. Simply because it does bring Me pleasure to do so. In fact, the only punishment for this lack of care for My pleasure is cutting you off from My source energy.

Being My submissive means that you are to focus only on deeds that you know will please Me. As you place yourself into true submission, finding things that earn My pleasure are not hard to find are there? For example, you would ask yourself: “What would please Goddess Aspen?” This would then lead to thoughts that truly pleasure a woman like I.  The only conclusion from here is that you must earn this opportunity to give Me Pleasure. My attention  to you becomes more tolerable when you have earned the pleasure of serving Me.

My pleasure is all that matters in this transaction. I am selfish, greedy, mean, sarcastic, intelligent, penetrating, and, most of all: smarter than you. I am designed to be pleased. your only sake for attention lies in how best you can please me.  If you must ask, then ask. If you cannot fulfil, you have the options of coming back when you can or finding another to accommodate you.  Female domination/ FLR is not about your one dimensional ideas of pleasure that are cock focused.

Isn’t it annoying, always wondering: “What will i get?” It is even more annoying to approached in that energy from a human male who is cock focused. Being focused on your pleasures only gets you so far in life. Learning how to focus on pleasuring the dominant will grant you more gratification and bliss. The kind of contentment and revelry that can only be experienced when serving a Dominant Woman. A woman who is in control of Her pleasure will seek to guide you to complete understanding of your own.

The option is always yours. you can choose to be a loser in bed as you have always been. A floor humper, a mere boot licker, a hypno-bitch. However, if those sexual perversions are always only in the name of your jerk off, spank bank theater behind your brain, how happy could you really be? I mean, does licking My boots or giving me money, eating your cum, sucking black cock really matter to you, if I am not finding pleasure in it? Seriously, ask yourself this question. If I am not finding pleasure in your acts of submission, how good could the experience be for you?

you’d simply just be confirming that you are a just loser who needs to jerk off. it cannot think of anything other than blowing it’s load. A pathetic male human, emptying it’s dick. And if I view you this way, I cannot accept you ever. It doesn’t bring Me pleasure to associate with those types.  Focus only on My pleasure to earn your own pleasure. It’s very, very simple. Never think eating your cum, playing with your ass, or sucking cock is pleasurable to Me just because you’re a loser who likes doing weird shit.  As we have already discussed to pleasure a Woman like me you must: earn it.

My tolerance of you comes  only when you earn it. It shows you are focused on pleasuring Me. you’re Focused on earning My time and attention. All other things should be set aside. Never expect me to entertain your cock fantasies. I do them out of My own pleasure, on My own time. you have to focus on earning my time. There is no shortage of losers just like you, who always want my time & attention. I could always delete you at anytime if you do not want to give Me absolute pleasure.


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