These examples show you what not to do in my chatroom. How to never approach me ever, ever in life. I will outline this for you very carefully, so that you can fully grasp the context of how serious I am about not even deeming these types of men worthy of my attention.

This behavior is desperate and embarrassing. Always remember that I am a female dominant. I do not exist to pleasure you. Yet, you exist to pleasure me and entertain me. Now, as you see Jimier, was our first entitled cunt.
I never care about your dick. So, why mention it? I only care about how you are going become my toy to please me. Mentioning your dick or it’s size does nothing to move me. It only shows that you are entitled, selfish, and more than likely a liar. I remind him simply, that his dick will never be a pleasure to look at. Does he think he dick is more appealing to look at than me? Another irritation of mine is these losers are always focused on the wrong thing: their dicks and not focusing on me. They believe their dick size makes then special and that because of that I take them down a size. Reminding them their dicks are never special.

Of course his male ego cannot take this, he exits. This is male entitlement and male bitterness at its finest. This is male pathetic-ness. It does nothing for me, it only makes me want to block you from my presence.

Moving on to dfadams, this special kind of entitlement is a man who thinks because I am Femdom that I enjoy his faggot fantasies. Notice he did not even, come in my room with a hello. When I told him to properly greet me with a hello he replied with a pathetic “humiliate me”.  Why should I, as great and unattainable to the common slave, entertain a loser who cannot properly greet me? However, losers will pay me for mistakes either way. If they cannot follow suit I am paid either way. If they do not follow my rules, I simply block, they do not stay long in my presence either way.

The interesting thing about ALL of these losers was that they did not follow my very simple rule: “Talk to me before going private. Read my profile.” This lack of initiative is unappealing and collecting money from such losers is less satisfying than collecting money from losers who listen.

Completely disregarding nor taking the initiative to read a profile that any Goddess has available for your consumption, to help you interact respectfully, shows entitlement. When truly, you are the one pathetically looking for attention from a woman who would never, otherwise pay attention to you. Do these three examples of disgust, really believe attractive women are running around looking to see their inadequate penises or shove docks down their throats?

If it were so, why would they be here looking to pay for attention? Such are men are delusional in real and fantasy life. They exhibit these same qualities in public and private: a disdain for following rules because they feel their needs should be given a fuck about by those who they are also seeking/paying to get attention from. Do you see the conundrum? The irony and foolishness? Lol yes, you do. Lol.

In fact, my new rule is to simple kick anyone who goes to private without speaking to me, first.  Simply, because it has been written in my profile/topic for those who take initiative. The incompetent, entitled bitch has already proven he is incompetent of giving me money and enriching my life. He is not worthy of it. I will block these guys without remorse. I do not need to collect their resources. Their resources are grief-worthy as these types only care to serve their own fetishes.

They should really go to a dungeon and rent-a-domme. That would be more pleasing for these types. There is a solution for whores like this who do not seek to really be submissive & respectful of my wishes. Ha! However, my attention is for good boys who follow rules. Only boys who follow rules are worthy to transfer their wealth to me.  I am in no rush to acquire the wealth from losers who will not do it on my terms. Never think your cash is king. Let go of any entitlement you think you deserve to have. Those desires get you no where in my chat room.

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