The Cure: Fall In Love With Me

It’s no secret, you’re lonely. The clips I make clips specialize in helping you cure this deep anxiety of emptiness you feel and face inside regularly. I’m so generous that I take pity upon men like you and I transform them into paradises.

You constantly search for completion by what the world says makes you complete. You hit all of your goals in your professional life. You even have successful friendships with other men. You make even fool people with your happiness. However, in your late night life,  when it’s just you and your keyboard, you’re just a lonely little loser. You deeply wish to have a connection with a woman, but you lack confidence, self-worth. And it is okay. I have come to heal you. I have come to give you a solution.

Men have always been aware of their deficiencies but they have convinced themselves they were “stronger” than their dark desires. Men are starting to become aware that their existence is useless  in comparison to that of women. In fact, many of them are just plain tired of resisting the truth they already have known: men are disposable. However, there is a way to make men useful. There is away to validate his existence: proper guidance from a Mistress/Goddess/Queen.

Men cannot become whole unless they are guided by a woman. By way of a woman men are born, by way of a woman he shall be reborn again. Yet, you know this. Your problem seems to be that you cannot sustain a relationship with a woman long enough. You cannot get to first, second, nor third base because you’re shy, timid, vulnerable, weak, and you’re a social piranha, or worse a virgin.  Either way your loneliness is consuming and you wish to fully devote yourself to someone who cares, but is cruel, who reminds you of who you truly are: a weak human male needing guidance toward enlightenment by way of Goddess.

I am the cure. Falling in love with me is the solution. Admiring, admonishing, desiring, pleasuring, devoting yourself fully to an entity greater than yourself is what you need. Learning to become selfless and looking outward to a greater future, which is me. Devoting your purpose to a Goddess of such high caliber, design, wit, and skill is the best option you have.

Let’s face it, women dread knowing the truth about men. They want to believe in Hollywood romances. However, we both know the trash of men is not too far from the glitter those films portray your species to be. Men are a lot of work. The average woman cannot handle your fallacies with grace as I. For I know who you truly are. You’re a lonely cum eater, a lonely piss drinker, a lonely wanker, a lonely cuck. You’re all the things you try to hide from normal women.

Wouldn’t it be great to fall in love with me and not have to hide anymore?


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