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Thong Daddy

Thong daddies love seeing thongs in my ass. They love keeping thongs deep in my ass. Thong daddies are so close to be my ass bitch they aren’t even aware of it. I have been programming Thong Daddies into buying me white cloth panties to destroy them in. Send gift cards for more thongs: hailblackmamba@yahoo.com Purchase this clip: ineedher.com clips4sale.com/110186… Read more →

Shit 4 Sale

On 09/16/2015, I got a request from a Clip4sale user to my email. It was an unusual request. I was going through a period of trying new fetishes and humiliation was my spot on favorite. [as it still is.] I got a message from Dave (names have been changed to protect the shit eaters). Dave: “Hey Lahari, are you open to… Read more →

Long Distance Chastity Training

We have already spoken previously about masturbation being performed without the guidance of a Mistress, however, I don’t trust your little hands not to wrap around your pole. You are way too used to touching that little thing. It’s almost like breathing for you now. How could I possibly think that you’d be able to control yourself without me there to… Read more →

Eating Cum For Your Marriage Counselor

  I am your counselor. I should be convincing you to love your wife, to love thy **** but I can’t help but take advantage of you. You’ve made it so easy to do this. It’s almost pathetic how you’ve let me in so easily to break your mind. You pay me so well by the hour and you hare… Read more →

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