My Sub Boyfriend Rules

Here are some rules for those who want to be my submissive boyfriend. Of course, you’ll never be allowed to have vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse with me but as your Dommy GF, those things are not expected are they.

To Be My Sub Boyfriend:

  1. Has watched most of my female domination clips and understand my domination style and has even went as far back to compliment on the evolution of my character from Lahari Abani to The Queen Black Mamba, Goddess Aspen Aires.
  2. Compliments in cash. He knows that his words mean shit to me and knows how irritated I am by them. He doesn’t even speak to me. He just sends cash.
  3. Silent, I don’t even know you exist in real-life but you make your presence know through constant financial support, compliments in cash, and praise!
  4. He never makes his presence a burden on me. He allows me to train him as I please.
  5. He is financial independent and ew, not a loser who can’t even afford to donate $100 to his favorite charity. That’s just gross.
  6. I don’t know he is my boyfriend, he just buys me shit, doesn’t approach, and then goes about his way until I make contact. He knows he is not entitles to my time.
  7. Has a high pain tolerance or at least open to taking pain for me
  8. I will never peg him. I hate strap-on, find another way to ease your faggot-like tendencies.
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