What A Day With QVF

QVF & I had an eventful Monday while you were most likely slaving at work making my money for me, like a good bitch does. I woke up on cam at 7AM and rinsed a piggy, oinky bitch who begged to be depleted. The bitch was begging to lick his toilet, to humiliate himself for my Black Excellence. Of course, I obliged. It was quick rinse. From there, I knew that the day would be a good day. Money in the morning is the best feeling. It definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. I rushed into the bedroom where Queen Veiny Feet was resting and woke her up. “Do you want to go to Another Broken Egg?” I said with a smile on my face. She exclaimed that she wanted to go. I love Another Broken Egg. I love their Lobster Benedict, so fucking delicious it is. We immediately got dressed for Brunch and headed to ABE.

Brunch was excellent. We both ordered the Lobster Eggs Benedict, crab cakes, Orange Mimosas, and French Toast. We completely devoured our plates, there was nothing left on either of them.  We were so full and fat that you could have popped us with pins and we would have exploded. Don’t worry, of course you can pay for the tab. The receipt is below. To our surprise during our brunch, we booked a session with a very lucky foot boy. It was most unexpected. I love unexpected money. After brunch, we decided to take the Bird scooters around the town. Bird scooters are a great, fun way to get around the city quickly. We rode our scooters all the way home from ABE. It was an hour ride back to her place. I think we made the right decision to scooter home.

However, the ride back home was not all easy. I literally fell off my scooter and got hit by a car! It was all good though. I was optimistic about the experience. I had an amazing time riding with QVF from Midtown to Buckhead. The ride was inexpensive only $14 for an hour’s worth of riding. I would love to have it reimbursed by a lucky pet. It was only 2 PM when we arrived home, yet we had such an eventful day. The lucky foot boy who was brave enough to session with us almost put me to sleep with his foot massage skills! OMG, the foot sucking, licking, kissing, massaging. I was definitely dozing off from the pleasure. When we were satisfied we ended our session with lucky foot boy and took a much needed nap.

Tonight, we are filming HOT foot worship clips for the boys. Of course, we aren’t going to be nice to you. Of course, we are going to destroy your ego with our soles and take your soul. It’s only right after having such an amazing day together! You guys, be ready for the content we are putting out tonight. As I have sent in the November Newsletter, I have lowered most of my clip prices and it will remain that way for awhile. If you haven’t joined my Newsletter, it’s because you’re not doing your part. Go ahead and join my Newsletter it is FREE always. Also, join my Exclusive Community, you can sign up through Twitter, which is very convenient.


I will be uploading our Brunch to my OnlyFans. Make sure you guys join! There will be two new exclusive clips with Queen Veiny Feet & Goddess Cocoa Soles. It’s only $10.99 per month. JOIN!

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