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Welcome to my Palace 

Creating and molding a human male mind is a delicate task. The halls of its mind is shrouded in sexual innuendo, constantly. His hidden sexual desires almost controlling him. So, pig ventures. Then, pig finds himself here.
As I will do with you, I have done to others. You have been using your masculine energy in such a wasteful, unproductive, chaotic way. You must be re-aligned to find your true purpose. Your true purpose is servitude under Ebony Female Domination. As a human male that seeks to have a relationship with a woman, he must demonstrate his ability to perform, defend, and comprehend. It is the natural order.
We can conclude now, that this meeting between us, is no coincidence. This is something that you deeply want to experience. Leadership. Assurance. Confidence. A true understanding of your male human desires. You want to be controlled, led, and trained. You crave BlackOwnership. The portals that will be explored here with me, will be educational and expansive. 
The Manifestation Of Goddess Aspen Aires, The Black Mamba
Becoming bored with the traditional workplace, I desired a business where I could work at home. Using older men for financial advantage was common to me at this time. Despite that knowledge, I had no idea I could access so many at one time via the internet. I also had no idea I could turn it into a business.
In 2015, I started camming on Chaturbate as Lahari Abani. In 2016, I began producing clips for the niche pool of men, like you, full-time. My audience base is mostly the lonely man, the lonely married man, the chronic masturbator. The objective was simple: use horny men’s resources to build my networth.

I specialize in Black Ownership/Servitude training, Female Led Relationship Training, and Verbal Humiliation. You will find that I possess a unique set of training styles that cater to select personalities.  I decree Divine Rulership over all of your senses, naturally.