Author: Goddess Aspen Aries

A Warm Tongue

After owning you for quite some time now, I have complete confidence in my creation. I have molded you into a perfect submissive. you are now ready for the next step. There have been many hard days and nights during your training. Through it all, however, you are grateful. you have persevered. you have become better because of what I… Read more →

Tis The Season

In the past, Christmas was one of the most important time for the year for me. I was getting GIFTS! That’s honestly all I cared about. That and visiting my Papa in Boston every Christmas. Snow in the winter as a child was something to look forward to in addition to the days off school. Now, Christmases are still the… Read more →

Tribute Management For Submissives On A Budget

Of course, I know it pains you to  incapable to keep up financially with the attention you crave to receive from me. Not being able to get my attention by the pathetic salvation of your dick driven compliments. I know, I know. It would pain me if I couldn’t afford the things I seek. Which is why I ignore you,… Read more →

Texas Tour

Queen Veiny Feet & I will be invading Texas. We will be visiting Dallas & Houston, TX! We booked our flights and our rooms. We are ready to train slaves properly and bring Black Ownership to them. If you would like to book with us book via email:     Read more →

What A Day With QVF

QVF & I had an eventful Monday while you were most likely slaving at work making my money for me, like a good bitch does. I woke up on cam at 7AM and rinsed a piggy, oinky bitch who begged to be depleted. The bitch was begging to lick his toilet, to humiliate himself for my Black Excellence. Of course,… Read more →

Queen Veiny Feet Returns To QBM TV

Welcoming QVF To ATLANTA Once Again! Are you ready bitches?       If you missed Queen Veiny Feet on Aspen TV earlier this month then you definitely deserve six ball punches to your tiny little dick because you missed out on something so very important to the education of your  true inadequacy as a male human. QVF and I,… Read more →

Introducing: Goddess Cocoa Soles

Introducing Giantess and Vore Queen @CocoaSoles. I met Goddess Cocoa during a foot party here in Atlanta. She is so sweet and petite. Yet, her appetite is so big! She loves devouring tiny men. This weekend, I invited Goddess Cocoa over to film content with me and devour the little tiny men who were running around my place all crazy!… Read more →

Delightful Torture

It was once unimaginable for you to be so weak, so pathetic. Indeed, at some point in your life you thought you had it all. You once tricked yourself to believing that you were once in control. However, it wasn’t until you bought that 3rd video from me that you realized you were, what I knew of you all along.… Read more →

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