A Warm Tongue

After owning you for quite some time now, I have complete confidence in my creation. I have molded you into a perfect submissive. you are now ready for the next step. There have been many hard days and nights during your training. Through it all, however, you are grateful. you have persevered. you have become better because of what I have done to you, for you. But now, it is time for us to take this to a new level. It’s time to teach you how to use your warm tongue.

This event will of course be recorded and placed into your file. A very important day for you. you must plan this day accordingly. Morning time, you are to be at my home, letting yourself in. Do not make noise. you are to be as stealthy as a mouse. Upon entering my lovely home, you are to prepare breakfast with the items in the fridge. Of course, I have left a recipe for you. This is not a time where I need you thinking for yourself. Prepare the meal to perfection, serve it to me in bed.

Leave the room immediately after serving and go to the bathroom. I will need to relief myself after eating such a big, healthy, fibrous meal. you will soon have your special chance to use that warm tongue little man. A special day when you get to finally lick my asshole, with a special caveat attached to this: you’ll be my warm, wet toilet paper. Yes, of course, cleaning my ass is a very great promotion. I will never need a toilet ever again. In fact, that is now your new role. Warm tongue toilet paper services.

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