QBM Lip Service [Mp3] #1:A BBC Lover’s Ultimate Fantasy/Denial

QBM Presents

“Lip Service #1: A BBC Lover’s Ultimate Fantasy/Denial/Punishment”

Your wife found out your little secret (about your BBC obsession). She has decided to level with you. No, no, you do not get the luxury of feeling BBC in your whore pussy, your wife will be. You get to have a more important job. A job more fitting for a man that marries a woman with faggot fantasies pretending that he is a straight man for the world. 

[this is your fantasy of getting fucked by bbc, it won’t be happening, instead…]

Your wife reached out to me to orchestrate this solution: making you a BBC Cum Collecting Mattress. It will be your food for the rest of your life. It is truly a Win-win. Serving your wife as a mattress and being a BBC cum collector while watching her get fucked properly, finally by the cocks you adore and wish were filling your whore hole up. HA!

A BBC loving cuck fuck forever. The solution is fixed for both parties. Now you get to keep your perfect little “husband of the year” image, your wife, and you get to be visually stimulated by cocks. While your wife keeps her security, your manhood as punishment, your money, and finally get fucked the way she deserves.

10 minutes long


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