Queen Veiny Feet Returns To QBM TV

Welcoming QVF To ATLANTA Once Again!

Are you ready bitches?




If you missed Queen Veiny Feet on Aspen TV earlier this month then you definitely deserve six ball punches to your tiny little dick because you missed out on something so very important to the education of your  true inadequacy as a male human. QVF and I, discussed a variety of topics. The hottest topic was about small tiny penises. Yes, we spoke about most of the male population. However, the tiny dick pop we just couldn’t stop talking about. Sub-topics ranged from how tiny they are, how little and pathetic they are, how they should not qualify for the words “dick” or “penis” anymore due to their embarrassing sizes! It was a very emotional topic for us that night we filmed. We had gotten so deep in the topic of this pathetic group of male population that QVF finally exclaimed:

Let’s FILM it.

Of course, I obliged. I think that it should something discussed. There are plenty of tiny dicks around the world fighting for the attention of women with the wrong approaches. Men with tiny dicks should have money, class, and they should never expect sex, like ever. I mean isn’t gross to think about having a tiny dick anywhere near you? YUCK! Tiny dicks should be used a key racks, to hold keys; made fun of when needing to get extra aggression out for the day; and, should never be FUCKED. QVF and I discussed all of this! We put it all on film the last time we got together and boy, did we enjoy making fun of you tiny twerp dick bitches! It was therapeutic.


We also thought it properly devious to make our little brother suck dick and toilet swirly our piss. A fun girls night with wine, herbs, and great food. It’s a sweet kind of Ebony fun losers like you wish you had for yourselves but you know you’ll always be pussy enough to never approach. It’s intriguing how easy it is to get viewers like you turned on by these SPH fantansies, piss swirlies, and even fantasies of dressing like bitches, sucking black cock. HA! We know they true you boys. The you you dare not speak of to anyone else but us, the Ebony Queens who you watch and jerk to every Monday through Friday as our personal clip collecting BITCH!


Good news though! You get to tell us your dirty secrets and do dirty things with your Ebony Queens once again. This time, we will be even meaner, more humiliating, daunting, than we were last time. We are going to breed you into humiliation. I think it would be better if we just completely smash your pathetically small ego into a ka-gillion pieces because we can and you’re a loser. Making you a foot bitch, forever. Making you a wallet bitch, forever. Making you a dick taking slut, forever. Teaching you to be a sissy so you’ll be our hooker, forever. Licking shit off our boots forever. Mhmmm, I enjoy the thoughts of humiliating you pathetic globs of dna with penises.


Queen Veiny Feet will be visiting ATL again November 4-6, 2018. I will be accepting custom clip orders from a few lucky whores who want to have a more exclusive experience with Queen Veiny Feet & I. The rest of you, your homework right now is to visit QVF clip store and purchase all clips with me in them! Also go to my clip store and purchase all clips with QVF in them. That way you are still getting your special little lessons in. Being mushed into a pathetic little pool of slop for two Ebony Masters.


Your Queen,

Aspen Aires


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