Delightful Torture

It was once unimaginable for you to be so weak, so pathetic. Indeed, at some point in your life you thought you had it all. You once tricked yourself to believing that you were once in control. However, it wasn’t until you bought that 3rd video from me that you realized you were, what I knew of you all along. A wimpy, pathetic bitch. I say that term with most endearment. In fact, I am the only one that truly understands who you really are.

If it were true that you could truly be who you are in your private, dark life to the people claiming to love you. Quite the contrary, they don’t even know you. I am the only person who knows the real you. I, alone, know your darkest fantasies and insecurities. It’s best to forget about the light at the end of the tunnel. Remain here, welting away your shell of you think you are in darkness with me.

Always Sincere,

Goddess Aspen, The Queen Black Mamba

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