Cucking You

This weekend I wanted to degrade you in the worse possible way. You’re not a match for my new black boyfriend and his satisfying dick. It’s the best dick that I ever have had. I mean, you with your unimpressive penis should know how uneventful it is. I don’t even go near it.

It’s unfair for me to have all the fun and you to just be a sexless loser. This week I allow you to watch and to hear all about my dirty fun sex with your best friend and my new boyfriend. Of course, both of them are more satisfying than you loser. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better you. Having you here to finance all of my needs while they take care of me sexually is a win-win for the both of us!

Take a look at the clips that I have in store:

After Work Treat

While you spend all day in a fucking job you hate, I am at your house eating all of your food, spending your money, running up your cable bill, and I’m still fucking bored with you. You’re fucking boring. I have a remedy, I set a dick appointment. He is going to be on his way to fuck me soon. You’re allowed to watch, but first, a little treat for you: licking my feet. It’s all you’ve earned this week stupid bitch


Friend-Zoned: I Let Your Friend Fuck Me

I totally let your best friend fuck me in the back seat of his car lol. You’ve been chasing me around all stupidly and shit. Being fucking annoying and shit. Like bitch, the desperation you give off was a total turn off for me. Lol. So what if you give me money when I ask? It doesn’t matter how many “dates” we have been on bitch, I like free food and gifts. But him, I have been wanting to fuck him for months. Do you know how much better looking he is than you? And since I know you’re just a pathetic little wimp I’m going to describe every detail of the fucking and then you’re going to give me more money and lick my asshole and then go home. Lol never getting this pussy bitch, are you kidding? You can’t be serious!!! Are you?


Come close. A little closer. Now put your face super close to my pussy. Do you smell that bitch boy? It smells like his black dick white bitch. Lol ha! Bet you’re so pathetic and desperate that you’ll even try to lick it out. But no, I rather keep it deep inside of my pussy. I want his babies. As you know, black chi-ldren are superior to any chi-ld your balls could produce. Ha! This is why you’re a bitch and he is THE FUCKING MAN. You don’t stand a chance bitch. But hey, at least you get to tell your friends I am your girlfriend.


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